Laptop Screen Repair

I had someone ask me about laptop screen repair, and if I can fix a broken laptop screen. Answer is yes – but you have to replace the whole LCD/LED panel, not just the glass. Prices vary, you just have to find the right one for your model of laptop. They range from as low as $40 to as much as $200+ depending on the laptop model. And you have to match everything up to make sure it’s the right one. I don’t mind looking for a part if anyone has a laptop that needs this done, just let me know and I’ll try to find a deal on one and give you a quote. This would also correct other problems with the LCD panel, like dead pixels.

I charge $75 for labor for laptop screen replacement and most other internal laptop repair issues.

It might not actually be the screen…

Similar issues that may look like a bad LCD panel can cause lines in the screen. These are horizontal or vertical lines that go all the way across and are straight. This could potentially be a number of things – something easily fixed like a corrupt graphics driver, a bad LCD panel, or worst case a bad graphics processor.

If this is your problem, it’s a pretty simple matter to determine if the screen or wiring to the screen is at fault or something on the laptop itself. You just hook it up to a separate monitor. I can do this for you free of charge and let you know what I find out. If it ends up projecting the same issues onto the external monitor then it’s either a software issue or the graphics card failing.

If it’s a software issue then that’s an easy fix – I charge a flat fee of $50 for this kind of software fix, and it includes cleaning up the system as well if desired. On the other hand, if the integrated graphics processor is dying the options aren’t good for most laptops – that would involve replacing either the processor or the entire motherboard, depending on what it is integrated into. Which I can do, but it gets a bit pricey for the parts.

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