Sometimes my hardware fails too.

This morning, my PC wouldn’t boot.

Sometimes my hardware fails too. The symptoms? My PC was rebooting constantly, never making it into Windows. This can put a bit of a damper on a web developer’s career. Thankfully, it was an easy fix.

So I did the mental checklist and start checking things off. What could be causing this? The memory checked out. Power supply was working fine. Fans all good, nothing getting overheated. It was rebooting even in the BIOS, so it wasn’t my hard drive or a software issue. Everything still tightly seated on the motherboard. Still it kept rebooting.

Then it occurs to me – maybe it’s the switches? So I disconnect the reset switch and try it again. It boots up just fine, no issues. Still going strong. The reset switch was broken, causing it to randomly short and trigger a reboot every few seconds. It just goes to show you, sometimes a $2 switch can cause the whole system to malfunction. Even minor hardware failures can cause major problems.

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