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Is your website working for you?

Having a good, mobile friendly website is important for any business in our fast paced world. It can generate valuable leads, make sales, share news, collect feedback, and much more.

Sometimes web design and having your own website is a daunting topic. But running a website does not have to be a difficult or an expensive endeavor. You can register your own domain name for around $10 a year, and hosting is as low as $5-10 or so a month. The challenge is in having an effective website with solid web design – one that scales to fit any device that is used to access it, delivers your content efficiently and effectively, and ranks good on search engines (Search Engine Optimization or SEO). That requires a lot of work and technical knowledge. You could do it yourself, but for best results you need a website developer.

Responsive Web Design

You need responsive web design. According to Google, more search traffic is coming from mobile devices than computers. A responsive website adjusts in size and position based on the screen size of the device viewing it. If you want an example, look at my site from a phone and a desktop. Alternatively, simply resize your desktop browser to the size of a phone and watch the elements adjust as the window shrinks. Most professionally made sites today are mobile friendly, but it’s not guaranteed – and it is of utmost importance. It affects your ranking in search engines. More importantly, it affects the user experience if they view your page from a mobile device. If over half of your traffic is going to be on mobile, you have to be optimized for mobile.

Hiring a large web development company will get the job done – but you can expect to pay $500-3000+ depending on the complexity of your site, often with additional fees for SEO and hourly rates for simple changes are usually $100+.

As a freelance web developer, I don’t have all of the overhead. This means I can get the job done for a fraction of the price, with the same professional quality. My turnaround can be a bit longer for larger projects – being an individual rather than a large company; but I stand behind my work and you can call me directly any time if you need help. I also offer monthly maintenance plans at discounted rates for those who need work done on a regular basis.

Web Design Services I offer:

  • Development of New Sites
  • Modification of Existing Sites
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Webmaster Services including Monthly maintenance

I charge $75 an hour for most consulting, web design, and SEO; with discounts available for monthly webmaster services. And since I always practice responsive web design, all my sites are mobile friendly.

I specialize in WordPress web design (this site is powered by WordPress), as it’s both easy to develop for and easy to use by the end user. With it you get a platform that is both quick to build in by me, and easy to modify by the end user should they wish to manage the site themselves. I can accomplish the same with other CMS like Drupal, but they aren’t generally as user friendly as WordPress. And there is always the option of static PHP without a content management system, but that’s even less user friendly. In the end, the choice of the CMS (or even using a CMS) is up to my client – but WordPress is popular for a reason.

Pay as you Go plans

I specialize in solutions for small businesses, and as a small business owner I understand budgetary constraints very well. You don’t always have the lump sum to get the infrastructure that you really need, and sometimes you have to make hard choices of what to cut back on. But you don’t have to skimp on your website – I offer affordable plans as low as $100/mo, with maintenance included.

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